What is gender based violence?

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, “Gender Based Violence is violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender. It constitutes a breach of the fundamental right to life, liberty, security, dignity, equality between women and men, non-discrimination and physical and mental integrity.” (http://eige.europa.eu/content/what-is-gender-based-violence)

And according to Shelah Bloom, “Gender-based violence (GBV) is the general term used to capture violence that occurs as a result of the normative role expectations associated with each gender, along with the unequal power relationships between the two genders, within the context of a specific society” (Bloom 2008, p14).

In other words, gender based violence is physical, social, or mental harm caused because of a persons gender. In this day and age gender based violence plays a major role in everyone’s lives because whether one thinks it or not, everyone is effected by such violence. Gender based violence is a relevant problem in all countries regardless of their developmental stage. In this blog, the focus will be on the gender based violence of one particular country, India. After examining gender based violence in India as a whole, this blog will then compare gender based violence in regards to social and economic class. In India the division between social and economic class is called the Caste system.



Bloom, Shelah (2008), Violence against Women and Girls: A Compendium of Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators. (Bloom) 2008


contributed Brody Paschke, Nick Musel, Melissa Cork, and Carly Foor

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